PPS Billing & Reimbursement


Our reimbursement offices are responsible for the integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness of our billing process, to our patients, and their insurance providers. The reimbursement teams are specialized into oxygen, nebulizer, sleep therapy, and pharmacy billing. The team consists of reimbursement managers, reimbursement supervisors, reimbursement representatives, insurance verification, and reimbursement support.


Our reimbursement office is located in Bakersfield, California.

Primary Roles

  • Reimbursement Representatives
    Reimbursement representatives are focused on the billing and collection activities for patient accounts. Working closely with the center teams, as well as private insurance carriers and Medicare/Medicaid representatives, each reimbursement representative ensures that our billing practices meet or exceed insurance guidelines, while maintaining a timely submission of claims and bills related to patient accounts.
  • Insurance Verification Representatives
    Insurance verification representatives research each patient's insurance coverage to determine if PPS can provide service to the patient. They also work with centers and reimbursement offices to ensure complete and rapid payment for services.
  • Cash Application Representatives
    Cash application representatives process all adjustments, transfers, and refunds for all reimbursement offices. Cash application representatives are responsible for receiving payments, preparing deposits, and ensuring that payments and electronic remittance advices are posted accurately and on time.
  • Reimbursement Supervisors
    Reimbursement supervisors lead teams of reimbursement representatives, insurance verifiers, and support staff within our reimbursement offices. Supervisors help representatives solve complicated billing issues and work with center teams to resolve any documentation concerns regarding patient claims.
  • Reimbursement Managers
    Reimbursement managers are responsible for the overall operations of our reimbursement offices, managing the billing and collections process for multiple centers across states.

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