PPS Center Operations


Our local centers partner with physicians, sleep centers, and their staff to provide the best possible care for patients. We provide our patients proactive personalized support and education to assist them in the process of managing their conditions and therapy.


We serve more than 76 cities and surrounding areas across the United States from our local care centers. Click here to view our locations.

Primary Roles

  • Customer Service Representatives
    The customer service representatives (CSRs) are integral members of the patient care team. CSRs work closely with all functions within PPS to ensure that all patients, physicians, and office staff receive outstanding and timely service. Understanding that our patients are often in fragile health and physicians' offices are very busy, CSRs make life easier for patients and office staff alike.
  • Technicians (Drivers)
    Technicians are the first line of care for PPS patients and foster compassionate relationships with patients. Not only are they responsible for delivering equipment and supplies to patients, they also educate patients to ensure that each patient is able to use the equipment properly and safely within their home. The technicians also perform ongoing education and equipment maintenance, as well as maintain our warehouses.
  • Operations Manager
    Operations managers (OM) oversee the operations of several local centers. They are responsible for ensuring that our patients, physicians, and physicians' office staff receive excellent service. This includes timely set-ups, complete paperwork, and problem resolution. In addition, OMs are responsible for efficiently managing operational resources and maintaining delivery vehicles, equipment, and warehouses.

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