PPS Pharmacy


Our pharmacy fills prescriptions for nebulized respiratory medications. Prescriptions are processed for patients by a team of specialists led by pharmacists, and are delivered directly to patients' homes by express delivery services. The pharmacy consists primarily of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, New Start specialists, and the shipping department.


The PPS pharmacy is located in Bakersfield, California.

Primary Roles

  • Pharmacists
    Pharmacists are readily available to answer patient or physician questions regarding nebulized respiratory medications. Pharmacists are responsible for filling prescriptions and ensuring full compliance with all FDA and all state/local regulatory requirements.
  • Pharmacy Technicians
    Pharmacy technicians enter, fill, and box prescriptions, as well as troubleshoot insurance problems for patients.
  • New Start Specialists
    New start specialists are responsible for quickly and accurately processing all new patient information. The New Start team also calls the patient to confirm order details and ensure that medications can be delivered.

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